Does the dolly come assembled? Yes. The dolly is completely assembled and quality-checked before it ships.

How much weight will the dolly hold?
100lbs. The Dana Dolly is made from T6061 Aluminum. The dolly itself can support much more weight, however the working load on the soft wheels is 100lbs.   

What Size Pipe should we buy: We use 1 ¼” pipe (Not Tubing - Tubing is measured differently) here in the USA that has an outside diameter of 1.66”

That pipe correlates to 32mm pipe in most countries. It is important to note that, although the pipe is called 32mm, the outside diameter is actually close to 42mm.  The same is true for 1 1/4" pipe, it has an outside diameter of 1.66".

What to use as track: You can use any pipe or round rigid structure with an outside diameter of 1.66" (42.2mm).  This is the common size for 1 1/4" pipe 32mm pipe, and also metal conduit. This allows you to use cheap pipe for the road that you can discard, and have nicer pipe for your everyday use. We highly recommend using Schedule 80 aluminum pipe, and we have found a supplier: ONLINEMETALS.COM that will ship directly to you. They have 6' and 8' lengths of Schedule 80 aluminum pipe in stock, no minimum order, and they ship all over the U.S. Here are two links for Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 aluminum pipe in 1.25."

Schedule 80 Aluminum pipe: CLICK HERE

Schedule 40 Aluminum pipe: CLICK HERE 

They also carry Stainless Steel if you really want to go overboard.

What type of stand do the track ends fit?
The Track Ends are designed to fit into a standard 1 1/8" Junior Receiver. Although the Track Ends are hollow underneath, they are NOT designed to fit into a baby pin or C-stand.  The most popular stand is a Junior Combo Stand.

Is there a way to adapt the track ends to Baby Stands?
Yes, you can use Matthews 429301 adapters, sold at Filmtools and many equipment dealers. It's important to note that we don't recommend this. When we first made the dolly, the track ends were made with TVMP mounts that would fit a baby stand, and the stands proved to be too wobbly in most cases. The Junior stand is a much better choice. 

Where do you get the stands?

The best stands to use are "Low Boy Combo" or "Slider Stands", which are Junior stands. Every stand manufacturer makes them, and American Equipment, below, offers a special stand and discount.

American Studio Equipment
now makes a special low boy combo type stand for the Dana Dolly.

Min Height = 28"
Max Height = 54"
Height w/Wheels 58"
Footprint Diameter = 28-1/2"
Weight = 12 lbs
Wheels = 10 lbs
Stand also doubles as a Combo Stand with Junior Receiver
Price Is $210.00 NET
Wheels: $110.00 NET
Freight: $25.00 Per stand to ship anywhere in the USA

The Dana Dolly stand has a "T" top welded to accept the track ends, is about 8" shorter than a low boy combo, and has two leveling legs instead of one, which will allow it to level better on mountains or rocky terrain. These improvements are from customer feedback, and it is a great stand. Item Number RS00DD Contact American Grip Equipment - 818-768-8922 or email

What is the dimensions of the washer, and is that a special order item? The dimensions of the washer are 3.25" O.D. and 1 1/2" I.D.  They can be found in most good hardware stores, like ACE hardware, and are just regular 3" zinc plated washers. We try to use parts you can find easily if you need to replace them on the road.

You can order the washer online from fastenal here.

What are the rough dimensions of the dolly? The dolly is approximately 13" x 17" and weighs 13lbs.

Do you use regular skateboard wheels?
No, they are softer than skateboard wheels. And we machine them round to eliminate noise and the "bounce" you get with regular skateboard wheels.

Can I use the wheels for other mounts, like to put a full-size dolly on? Probably not. The wheels are so soft, they are only good for 100lbs, so if it's something that weighs under 100lbs it will be okay, after that the wheels will get flat spots.

Where can I rent one in Hollywood: EVS 1819 Victory Blvd. Glendale, CA 800-238-8480
Where can I check one out in New York?: Barbizon 212-586-1620 456 West 55th Street in New York
Where can I rent one in New York:DuAll Camera 212-643-1042 231 West 29th Street, Suite 210 NY,NY
Where can I rent one in Chicago:Jason Gerber 602-460-5448
Where can I rent one in New Orleans:Available Lighting   (504) 831-5214    826 Jefferson HWY
Where can I rent one in San Francisco:Studio B Films (510) 848-6026  2121 Bonar Street, Studio B
Where can I rent one in Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Grip & Lighting 805-494-0373
Where can I rent one in Seattle:Victory Studios 206-282-1776 2247 15th Ave. West, Seatlle
Where can I rent one in Las Vegas: JR Lighting 702-649-5555 9 East Brooks Ave, N. Las Vegas
Where can I rent one in Las Vegas:Exxtreme Lighting 702-631-6546 4124 Knollridge Ave N. Las Vegas
Where can I rent one in Jacksonville FL:Goodwin Production Services 904-389-9500
Where can I rent one in OH?: Ample Power and Light (614) 577-9543 4555 Groves Rd # 32 Columbus
Where can I rent one in ID:Idaho Grip & Lighting 208-263-4042
Where can I rent one in AZ: 623-203-0442 Mike
Where can I rent one in Denver:The Light Source Denver 303-663-9701 Tommy
Where can I rent one in WA: Oppenheimer Camera 206-467-8666 7400 3rd Ave S. Seattle
Where can I rent one in WA:Victory Studios 206-282-1776 2247 15th Ave West Seattle
Where can I rent one in Nashville: Citation Support Inc. - Mark Tye -615-298-5252
Where can I rent one in Nashville: The Video Company 615-320-3200
Where can I rent one in Chattanooga:Department Blue 423-615-9889  3545 Probasco Pl.
Where can I rent one in Ohio:Ample Power & Light 614-577-9543 940 Hill Rd N Pickerington
Where can I rent one in Atlanta: Crewsouth Rentals 404-978-2244
Where can I rent one in Austin, TX: GEAR (512) 485-3131 
Where can I rent one in Baltimore/Washington DC:Brumar Films 443-345-0128
Where can I check one out in Hollywood: Filmtools 1400 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank 818-845-8066
Where can I rent one in Boston:Adamcamera  Chesnut Hill, MA  02467   617-325-2400
Where can I rent one in Wisconsin:Blue Moon Lighting Mike Gillis 414-303-3890
Where can I rent one in Puerto Rico:PJ Gaffers Services  1.787.798.8220
Where can I rent one in the Dominican Republic: PJ Gaffers Services 1.787.798.8220
Where can I rent one in Finland:Kinos Rentals Helsinki


TelAviv - Bandpro -
Australia - Barbizon Sydney -

Will the Track Ends work on Apple Boxes, Saw Horses, Cases, etc.?   Yes. To go low mode, simply turn the track ends spud up, and you can go all the way to the ground.

What if you want to splice the pipe together to make longer runs?  Several companies make splicers. Wagner: 
The Light Source: 
are three different types of splices. If you use a splice, I would suggest coating the two ends of the pipe to be spliced with a little silicone caulk the day before, and let it dry. When you join the two pipe ends, just snug them up a little so the silicone fills the gap between the two pipes and helps take out the bump.

I have a long handle on my Tripod Head (like some Bogen Models). Will clearance be an issue?  Yes, but it's easily fixed. All you need is a small washer and a turn knob from your local hardware store that fits the bottom spud on the Tripod Head.  I would suggest taking the head with you to the store, as most spuds are 3/8" x 16 thread, however some are metric. Modern Studio Equipment also makes custom turn knobs for camera heads, and you will have to know the size of your stud when you call.
Can you add more track? Yes. There are two ways to a longer track: 1) you can order longer pipe. Aluminum pipe is sold at suppliers in 22' lengths. So it's possible, if you have a way to transport it, to have a 22' seamless span of pipe. Also, many 20'x20' frames on grip trucks are 1.25" speed rail, so they would work also; 2) Modern Studio Equipment makes a pipe track splicer that you can use with schedule 40 aluminum track. Either way, you should make sure you have enough center supports for the additional length.

How do you change the track length? The Track Ends have turn knobs that allow you to switch pipe lengths quickly.

Dana Dolly FAQ

What size pipe to buy for Dana Dolly

Can you get a longer tie down for O'conner Heads to make them compatible with Mitchell Mounts?: (3/3/11 Note: This fix may not be up to date. Please check back). O'conner makes a longer stud for heads like the 1030HD that will fit into the ball mount. The engineers recommend first heating up the original stud with a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the locktight, then backing the old stud off with vice grips or a wrench, and replacing it with the longer stud. The part number is 083-83, and it is $19.37 (currently as of 3/10) and their number is 818-847-8666 extension 500 Jenine.